The World Wars

The two world wars this century had a devastating effect on the prosperity of Newtonmore, as it had on other Highland communities also.

The loss of so many of the male population so depleted the workforce that a lot of traditional sources of employment collapsed and were lost. Farms and Crofts stood empty or were not cultivated, the maintenance of the forests fell into neglect, and the task of providing a family income fell on the shoulders of the women folk. Because the tourist and sporting facilities had also declined, and so few were in any event in a position to travel away on holiday, this was a thankless task.

On the sporting front, the wars brought the Highland game of Shinty to its knees – some felt that the game, and with it many of the traditions of Gaeldom might never recover, though, in time, recover it did, here in Badenoch and in many other areas too. Perhaps this was to be symbolic of the ultimate strength and determination of the Highlander not to let his heritage die.