The Red Bothy

A walk up a side glen to the site of the summer sheilings for local crofters.

These were crude temporary huts used by the crofters when they brought their sheep and cattle up to the higher pastures from May to November. The whole family moved up and examples of these buildings can be seen at the Highland Folk Museum at Newtonmore. The site of the sheilings was identified by aerial photographs taken by the Luftwaffe.

Before passing through the first gate there is, on the left, a cairn to the memory of “M J Haywood”, the former owner of the Banchor Estate who was killed in 1993 in a road accident in Uganda.

A detailed description of this route is to be found in the fully illustrated Wildcat Trail Brochure, available from the community-run Wildcat Centre on the Main Street or from the Post Office if the Centre is closed.