The Oldest Hotel (Main's Care Home)

‘The Hotel’ Newtonmore (now Main’s Care Home) was in fact one of several hotels built around the same time.

This photograph was taken in 1902. Note the single storey extensions at each end. The existence of a second pitched roof behind the first main roof can also just be discerned.

In this photograph of 1910, the single storey extensions have now been replaced by continuations of the main roof line, and a considerable growth of ivy, or virginia creeper has engulfed the right hand section. The extra height on the extensions must have been added shortly after 1902 for the vegetation to have reached these proportions.


Main’s Hotel as it was when last open – certainly still recognisable as the same building, although the pitch of the roof has been altered to give a flat top to the roof, infilling between the two roofs that existed earlier and giving more upstairs space. A front extension has also been added. The Hotel closed in 2001, and was sold and converted into a much-needed care home, great care was taken by the new owners to preserve the traditional frontage.