Newtonmore Business Association

Newtonmore Business Association began as the Newtonmore Traders Association in the 80s and the majority of members were retailers since the village had around 20 stores and also accommodation providers, trades etc. Obviously we’re sad to see the village Main Street with only a few shops – our Post Office, Bike Shop, Coop, Barbers, cafes and restaurant. Currently, NBA is a wide group of business personalities from a range of disciplines who represent the interests of large/small businesses and the self-employed who are based in and around Newtonmore.

NBA role: Advocate, Collaborate, Promote & Enable

  • Represent the interests and needs of all small businesses and self-employed persons in Newtonmore and the surrounding area.
  • Support, and work in partnership with other local organisations and community groups to further the aims of Newtonmore. NBA keen to support and assist anyone/group/organisation who are planning events in the village.
  • Promote efforts made to bring people to visit or stay in the area and for all local businesses to benefit through increased trade.

2019/20 Responsibilities:

  • Oversee and social media (link to our Facebook page)
  • Village directional signage
  • Newtonmore Art Project: partnership with NCWDT, NVCC, CNPA
  • Events Support:
    November and New Year Fireworks: assist Winter Lights Group
    Annual Litter Picks: assist NCWDT and NVCC
    Badenoch Festival: partnership with Badenoch Heritage (and others)
  • Monitor & maintain promotion of: Heritage Trail and Newtonmore Paths with leaflets, racks and Noticeboards at Ralia, Post Office and Highland Folk Museum.
  • Organise planting and maintain Main Street Barrels for Spring and Summer.
  • Support print cost of wildcat experience booklet since the 4* rated Wildcat Centre also acts as a village Information Centre.
  • Great Places Project: continue involvement and advocacy of village.
  • Issues NBA review and consult: Rail timetable changes, Transient Visitor Levy/Tourist Tax, speed limits, Community e-bike

Our village is always welcoming, very community spirited and the Business Association would like to extend an invitation to visit and enjoy our fine facilities, savour our breathtaking landscape, wilderness and exceptional folklore.

NBA will continue to promote all aspects of the village to locals and visitors. We wish to strengthen the community spirit which most individuals admire, respect and wish to support and experience.

Any questions or if you wish to join the Newtonmore Business Association please either come to one of our meetings or contact our Chairman, either by phone or e-mail.


Amanda Frazer

Tel 01540 673762

vice chair

Geoff Simpson

Tel 01540 670048


Matthew Withey

Tel 07737215396


Eric Dodd

Tel 01540673794


Ian Jones



James Carstairs