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Meikle's of Scotland

The family firm of Meikle’s of Scotland Ltd has been producing Stag’s Breath Liqueur in Newtonmore since 1989.

The area round our thriving village is rich in scenery and wildlife. With its pure air and clear waters, this is a magnificent environment within which we create our unique Stag’s Breath Liqueur.

Stag’s Breath is a link with the Forty-five – or ’41, to be precise: 1941, when the SS Politician foundered in a February gale off the Hebridean island of Eriskay.

Her principal cargo was 50, 000 cases of whisky: “Highland Gold and Highland Heart, Tartan Milk and Tartan Perfection, Bluebell, Northern Light … Stag’s Breath.”

Immortalised by Sir Compton Mackenzie in Whisky Galore, we learn that Stag’s Breath was “particularly favoured by the inhabitants of the two Toddays in the good old days of plenty.”

Who knows what made Stag’s Breath so special; however, it is safe to assume that its contemporary namesake is an altogether different ‘cratur’.

Stag’s Breath is lower in alcoholic strength and drier on the palate than its traditional counterparts and truly a unique taste experience with its distinctive ‘musty’ nose and overtaste of waxy honeycomb.

A miraculous blend including fine Speyside whiskies and fermented heather honey-comb, Stag’s Breath is now finding favour amongst discriminating drinkers far beyond the shores of the “Toddays”.

But don’t just drink it; you can cook with it too!!

Visit our website when you’ll find recipes for your kitchen and where you can order on-line

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