Highland Wildlife Park

A mere 6 miles from Newtonmore you can discover Scotland’s Wildlife past and present, along with endangered species of the world’s mountain and tundra regions in the Highland Wildlife Park, run by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland.

Drive through the Main Reserve in your own vehicle watching out for European Bison, yaks, Tibetan wild ass, European elk, reindeer and red deer as well as Bactrian camels, Przewalski’s wild horses and vicugna.

The rest of the park can be discovered on foot. Join our keepers as they feed our Amur tigers, snow monkeys or the rare Scottish wildcat. We are the only wildlife park in the UK to keep polar bear – find out about their endangered habitat and their struggle for survival in the Arctic. Find out why the capercaillie is known as the “horse of the woods” and then look out for red pandas, lynx, Pallas’s cats and our secretive wolves