Creag Dubh

Creag Dubh (A’ Chreag Dhubh — the black crag), 2350 feet, is a picturesque hill cut off from the rest of the Monadhliath (Am Monadh Liath — the grey mountain range) by Glen Banchor. It is prominent from Newtonmore and its name is the battle cry of the Clan MacPherson.

On its sheer slopes towards Lochan Uvie is Cluny’s cave where the chief of the MacPhersons hid safely for 9 years after Culloden in spite of a reward of Scots £11,000 offered for his capture, which in those days was a huge sum of money.

From all points of the ridge there are extensive views enhanced by the hill’s isolated position. Red deer, roe deer, sika deer (a species introduced from Japan) and wild goats are likely to be seen on the hill. . Note that there are some very steep cliffs (giving excellent rock climbing) on the south face.
A detailed description of this route is to be found in the fully illustrated Wildcat Trail Brochure, available from the community-run Wildcat Centre on the Main Street or from the Post Office if the Centre is closed.