The Green Bothy & the Red Well

A route leading across moorland past the waterworks which serve the village to a ruined bothy beside a fine waterfall.

About 10 minutes beyond the bothy you come to a stone, on the left of the track, marked “J D” with an arrow pointing across the burn to the Red Well, so called because of the iron content in the water. This is a moorland walk with panoramic views. Wheatears are common in the summer, also curlews, peewits, oystercatchers and meadow pippets. If you are lucky you could see ring ouzels in the upper part of the walk. Mountain hare are plentiful on the moor and red deer are on the high tops.

A detailed description of this route is to be found in the fully illustrated Wildcat Trail Brochure, available from the community-run Wildcat Centre on the Main Street or from the Post Office if the Centre is closed.