Some of the comments made by members of the cast and production team say more about our beautiful area than we could - a few of their comments are repeated here...

Barbara McKissack - Head of Drama, BBC Scotland
"The landscape is like another character. Its very grandeur tells viewers what's at stake for Archie. It's so mesmerisingly beautiful, it just gets to you. It has an absolute magic about it; even if you're only there for a few hours, it affects you, it's like a balm....."

Michael Chaplin - Writer
"I adore the Highland landscape. I often go there to write. It's magical because of its romantic and tragic history. .... it's much more dramatic than the rolling English landscape. I also like its solitude; it's fantastic that you can walk all day without seeing anyone else"

Richard Briers (Hector MacDonald)
"It's an extraordinary place. In parts of it, you feel as though you're on the moon because it's so remote. But you're really in touch with nature up there."

Susan Hampshire (Molly MacDonald)
"We are so lucky to be working in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The beauty is all around you. It wouldn't have been the same if we'd made it anywhere else."

"The local people are absolutely lovely, and the air is wonderful. Think what it is doing for our health. In the first two days here, I felt drunk because the air was so pure. It's stress-free up here. We seem far removed from the nasty bits of life. We're in our own bit of paradise"

Alastair Mackenzie (Archie MacDonald) ...on travelling by sleeper from London to Newtonmore .....
"You leave the hustle and bustle and wake up in those tranquil hills."

"Spending time there has rekindled the fire for me. I've fallen head over heels in love with the Highlands..... The landscape is so powerful, it's like another leading character in the drama. There's something out there that's so overwhelmingly beautiful it's beyond our control..... It gives your soul space to breathe. With its sense of history and magnificence, it has a fairytale quality to it. Monarch of the Glen reflects the vastness and the magnitude of that countryside. God is in those hills. If I were called upon to create a religion, I'd base it on mountains."

Dawn Steele (Lexie)
"The scenery is so beautiful, there is a magic about it. The silence is amazing too. It's so quiet, it's quite difficult to get to sleep at night."




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