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Wildlife in detail


The Cairngorms National Park  has  a wide variety of different habitats and is home to a tremendously diverse range of creatures.

Red Squirrel, Newtonmore In and around Newtonmore itself  you have a chance of seeing Red Squirrels,  Buzzards,  Curlews,  Hedgehogs,  Heron, Oystercatchers. Ducks, Wild Geese, Swans  and Mountain Hare.

Roe deer can sometimes be seen on wooded sections of the Wildcat Trail. 

Gardens in the village offer homes to greenfinches as well as  chaffinches, coal tits & siskins, blackbirds, robins &  thrushes along with the occasional pheasant! .  

Frogspawn thrives in the local burns and lochans.    

The Scottish Wildcat is native to this area,  but your chances of seeing one in the wild are very slim ;  there are only @ 400 pure bred animals left in the wild in the whole of Scotland and they keep away from humans! 


Newtonmore is also  known  for its water meadows beside the River   Spey with some orchids rarely found elsewhere.   On a walk in summer you might  see nearly 30 different varieties of wildflower.    

At the time of the millennium, the Newtonmore Community  Woodland & Development Trust planted 23,000 native trees round the village then linked the plantations with a 10km orbital path, The Wildcat Trail.   Amongst the varieties planted are Scots Pine, Oak, Hazel, Ash, Aspen, Birch, Beech, Willow, Goat Willow, Holly and  Rowan.  

Further afield, within the National Park you may see peregrine falcons, ospreys. or golden eagles, ptarmigan, black grouse, capercaille and red deer.   See the Cairngorms National Park website for details and wildlife activities. 

Immediate Vicinity

In and around Newtonmore, there is so much to see and visit during your time here with us. This section of our site gives you an introduction to the many & varied attractions in the area.

Whatever your interests, whatever your passions, whatever your age and ability, there'll be something nearby to interest, challenge and amaze you or simply to make you smile.

Have fun.

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Monarch of the Glen

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Sculpture Trail

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What to do in Newtonmore

activitiesLots to do and see! Find out more information about what Newtonmore has to offer. Go...

For local village walks you can download the Newtonmore Paths Leaflet